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Russian escort girls

Russian Affairs offers Female Escort Jobs in Delhi

Attractive, confident, open-minded, and friendly ladies between the ages of 18 and 35 are what we are looking for. We are ready to offer escort jobs in Delhi. Russian Affairs is more than a well-known escort agency. We also provide broad support for our clients. We support you 100%, arrange dates with professional and gracious VIPs, and offer great potential earnings. Are you a student, employed or a model looking for a lucrative extra income? You have found the right partner in us.

There are many ways to get what you want, and Russian Affairs escorts are one. Girls who sit back and allow life to happen to them will not have success’s financial security or comfort. It would then be possible for many people (including you) to have the life they desire.

Are you the exceptional young woman we are searching for?
For safe escort employment opportunities, join Russian Affairs

We are looking for a rare type of woman in today's world. She is a well-educated, educated, middle-class, open-minded, compulsive pleaser, a rule-follower, and FEMININE.

Our ideal candidates are uninhibited, open-minded, goal-oriented, and goal-oriented women who have a compulsive drive to please others. Our structured, procedure-driven environment is best for women who need firm guidance. The Russian Women are open to learning new rules and sticking to a proven formula to happiness. The Russian Affairs Companion can create a great sense of physical, mental, and emotional security for herself.

Are you looking for Quick and Easy Money?


If you answered YES! we are not for YOU, and you NOT agree with our values. Move on to another Agency.


Russian Affairs requires you to be a woman who puts pleasure before compensation. It is not easy to be a Russian Affairs Escort. We are looking for high-quality women to escort our clients.

There are no exaggerated claims, no lies or cons. Just the truth. Are you ready to DO? Learn how to design and live the life that you knew was yours. To join, contact us.

What Preconditions Do You Need to Meet?

We are looking for slim to petite Blonde and Brunette, Redhead, European, Latina, Asian women between the ages of 18 and 40, ranging from 0 to 6. We prefer women who have no experience.


Russian Affairs Escort Service’s priority is to ensure the safety and security of our clients and associates. Therefore, we are a Full-Verification Escort Services. These conditions are the only way we can do business. Russian Affairs does not accept exceptions. We only accept applications from those who can commit to Russian Affairs’ highest standards. We will only conduct this business under rigorous conditions.


Russian Affairs Escort Service prefers women with no previous experience in escort. Therefore, we do not represent or recruit Independents.

We regret that we cannot represent you if your photos have been posted with different escort agencies/escort directories or if you plan on applying with other agencies. We seek candidates of the highest standard and want representation from an agency that protects their identity.

Don’t waste our time if you don’t live within our service areas. Relocation is not something we will or do not pay for.


Only people who will work with us will follow established policies and procedures. We won’t try to reinvent the wheel.

  1. Sober and Clean

{Apply elsewhere if you have a drug, alcohol, or pill problem.}


  1. You must be between 18 and 35 years old, biologically female (this means you will need two X-chromosomes).

Do not apply to misrepresent or lie about your age. We verify all applicants’ age.

  1. In proportion to your weight, pants size 0-6 or (Dress Sizes 0-6).
  2. Mentally/physically in excellent health, free from any pressure. Charming, articulate, and well-mannered with an open mind.
  3. You must be goal-oriented and task-oriented.
  4. A self-starter.
  5. You must play as a team player.
  6. You must be reliable and punctual. You must be flexible and accommodating.
  7. Minimal to no tattoos. Our clients are reluctant to book with an escort with multiple tattoos, piercings, or scars.
  8. You must love to adoremen (women are a plus). We will notaccept those with repressed hostility issues. Please don’t waste our time.
  9. Individuals who are incapable of acting professionally, regardlessof their ethnic background, should continue to follow their less-enlightened paths.

Fill out the form below if you feel that you meet these criteria. Make sure you choose the proper application for your level of experience. We are experts in the industry. You’re in good and safe hands…

We promise.

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