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Female Escort Jobs in Delhi

Russian Affairs offers female escort jobs in Delhi

Russian Affairs escort agency has been the dominant agency in Delhi. We always look for hot girls with charm, enthusiasm, and passion for sharing their love with our clients. Do you feel up to the challenge? Are you searching for female escort jobs in Delhi? Fill out the form below if you feel confident about your ability to become one of our premium escorts in Delhi. After reviewing your profile, we will contact you to update about job opportunities. Many agencies offer female escorting jobs in Delhi. However, Russian Affairs is your best option. You will get good money, fun, and security wherever you go.

We are looking for attractive, confident, open-minded and friendly women between 18 and 32 years old. We offer escort jobs in Delhi for local girls as well as outsiders. Russian Affairs is not just an escort agency; we are a team of people who dream of success. Our clients and girls are also supported throughout the booking process. We offer 100% support and provide dates with gracious VIPs and great potential earnings. You are a student, professional or model looking to make a good extra income. We are your perfect partner.

Why should you find safe female escort jobs in Delhi?

Being an escort girl in Delhi has many benefits. You can work whenever you like and make a lot of money. It is a rewarding and enjoyable job that many young girls love. Applying for work at a reputable agency offering this type of job is the best way to get escort experience. You will be able to work in a safe and pleasant environment. This will ensure you are not exploited or paid less than the minimum wage.

Before you apply to become an escort in Delhi, here are some things you should consider. You must be in the good physical condition and possess a strong athletic body. This is crucial as you will work closely with clients and take care of them. You will need to be fluent in English for a good female escort job. This will allow you to communicate better with clients and make them feel more comfortable around you. You must also be willing to offer sexual services to your clients. It means you must be able and willing to kiss your customers.

Are you the young, exceptional woman we are looking for?

Join Russian Affairs to secure yourself financially.

Female escort jobs in Delhi
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Earn 10k/day by doing call girl jobs in Delhi

It has been easier to earn huge amounts of money by performing a call girl jobs. We can help girls with a good figure and attractive looks to get call girl jobs in Delhi instantly. They could earn up to INR 10,000 per day. The companion who do call girl jobs for us are provided with the best customers in Delhi. This is because we have over 1500 regular customers!

You are also welcome to work as part-time escort girls in Delhi. This is why most of the college girls in the city are joining escort jobs by the thousands since Covid-19’s lockdown. The female escort jobs have not only allowed these girls to rebuild their bank accounts and finances, but it also provided them with the sexual freedom and fulfillment they craved during the entire lockdown.

We provide any assistance needed for girls who are coming from Delhi or any part of pan India. We provide food and accommodation options for girls from outstation who wish to work in Delhi. For foreigners who want to work with us, we offer Visa support and one-way air tickets to India. We are one of the top providers of female escort job in Delhi, India, for girls who can tell the difference between good and bad.

How to find a female escort job in Delhi

Let us tell you if this is something that interests you. To get a job as an escort, you don’t have to be a professional with years of experience. Being positive, open-minded, elegant, and naturally compassionate towards your clients is enough. If you have fun with our customers, you will have a great escorting career at Russian Affairs escorts agency. We follow a strict recruitment process. Only the best profiles are chosen to ensure that the service quality is always high.

We are always looking for more than just pretty looks. Fill out the form to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with Russian Affairs escort agency. Once you have been selected, you will receive a call within 3 Days. Send images that show hair and makeup were done to the best of your ability. Avoid photo-shopped images as they may not be accurate. Photos you have taken of yourself or from past modelling jobs are preferred. If you are unsure if this job suits you, please do not submit your application. There are many opportunities for you if you excel in your current job.

Russian Affairs offers safe and discreet escort service jobs in Delhi.

Russian Affairs escort agency seeks young, attractive, confident, open-minded, popular, and reputable female models to join our team as escorts. You can make a lot of money and have a great job. We are happy to review your application for escort positions or offer you a freelancer escort model. You have the option to choose. We are searching for a rare kind of woman in today’s world. You should be educated, middle-class and open-minded.

The ideal candidate is an uninhibited, open-minded, goal-oriented woman with a compulsive drive for our clients. Women who require guidance and a structured environment that follows procedures will find the best support. Russian escorts in Delhi are open-minded to learning new rules but will stick to the same proven formula for happiness. Russian Affairs agency can provide a sense of security and comfort to you.

Are you looking to make quick and easy money?

If you answered yes, we are not for you, and you DO NOT agree with our values. Move on to another Agency.

Russian Affairs demands that you are a woman who values pleasure over compensation. Russian Affairs escort is not an easy job. We are seeking high-quality women to assist our clients.

No exaggerated claims, lies, or cons. Only the truth. Are you ready for what it is? You can design the life you always wanted and make it your own. To join, contact us.

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Russian Affairs escort service prefers women who have never had poor escort experience. We do not recruit or represent Independents.

If your photos have been shared with different escort agencies/escort directories, or if you intend to apply with other agencies, we regret not being able to represent you. We are looking for candidates who meet the highest standards and want representation from an agency that protects them.

Don’t waste your time if you are not in our service area. We will not or won’t pay for relocation.


Only those willing to work with us will adhere to established policies and procedures. We won’t attempt to invent the wheel.


  • If you have an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or pills, please apply elsewhere.
  • It would be best if you were biologically female, aged between 18 and 32. This means that you will require two X-chromosomes.
  • Don’t lie or misrepresent your age when applying. All applicants are verified.
  • Pants size 0-6 in proportion to your body weight or (Dress Sizes: 0-6)
  • Physically and mentally in good health. Charming, articulate, and open-minded.
  • Be goal-oriented and task-oriented.
  • A self-starter.
  • You must be a team player.
  • It would be best if you were reliable and punctual. Flexibility and adaptability are essential.
  • There is a policy for very few to no tattoos. Clients are reluctant to book an escort with multiple tattoos, scars, or piercings.
  • Love must be shown to men. Women are an asset. We will not take in those who have repressed hostility issues. Don’t waste your time.

If you believe you meet the criteria, please fill out this form. Be sure to choose the right application for you. We are industry experts. You are in safe and reliable hands.

We promise.

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