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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are the information and photos of escorts real?

100% All photos taken in our presence by our professional photographer of all our escorts and updated regularly. Russian Affairs Escort Service gets to know each of our escorts and can verify their age, appearance, etc.


What’s the difference between “Russian Affairs Escorts” and “Independent Escorts?”

Independent Escorts can be contacted directly as per their ad. On the other side, Russian Affairs Escorts can take advantage of the agency’s administrative services. Russian Affairs Escorts view escorting as an adventure. They enjoy the atmosphere of fine restaurants and the thrill of “assignment” at a top hotel. Or the feeling of sharing an experience with their partner on an exotic trip. Most Russian Affairs Escorts have a career and live an independent life. They are entirely dependent on you. For young ladies who are still primarily amateurs, escorting can be a great source of “pocket cash,” while Independent Escorts tend to be more professionals.


What is the Escort’s rate?

You can find information about our rates here.


How can I get in touch with the Escort before the date?

No! Russian Affairs Escorts doesn’t arrange for or represent independent escorts. Clients can contact them directly. The agency makes all arrangements. The attendants chose the agency to avoid having to contact you before and after the meeting.

The lady is not one to negotiate over financial matters. Another reason she prefers to use our office service is because of this. She likes to be there at the time scheduled.

We recommend that clients deal directly with the agency with any financial concerns to calm the atmosphere.

Our Escorts often complain that they are constantly being asked for their private numbers and e-mail addresses. Some clients even take offense when the Escort doesn’t comply with this request. Therefore, we recommend booking an Independent Escort for clients who don’t want to book through an agency.


Do Russian Affairs provide discretion?

Our services are offered with complete discretion. We have never compromised our firm policy of never selling, transferring, or disclosing client information to any third party. All screening takes place in-house. We don’t have access to your personal information. It’s safe and secure.


When do I need to book an escort?

The earlier you book, the better. To allow for additional travel time, we recommend that you book at least two to three hours in advance. Some escorts require 24 hours’ notice. We would appreciate it if you could book as soon as possible.


I need to cancel my date. How do I proceed?

Please call us immediately if you have any questions need to cancel or reschedule. No harm, no foul. It happens. We will gladly return your kindness with outstanding service!


When does the date occur?

You choose the environment in which you will get to know your lady.


Is it possible for Russian Affairs to accommodate me?

Russian Affairs Escorts offer various incall locations.


What are the most important things to remember during an appointment?

It would be best to look forward to your Russian Affairs escort date. You can expect her to be ready and excited for the date. In addition, she expects you to be polite, charming, and intelligent. This is the key to a great appointment.Please give the lady the agreed amount at the beginning of your appointment.

Please remember that some topics may be embarrassing or unpleasant for the Escort during your time together. Please avoid asking for her contact information, asking about her private life, and talking about other dates.

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